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Dossolve EC under which fair polls not posasible: Noman


Dhaka – BNP senior leader Abdullah Al Noman on Saturday demanded reconstitution of the Election Commission in consultation with political parties to arrange a national election.
“The parliament formed through a voter-less election must be dissolved soon. A neutral Election Commission will have to be formed through discussions with the political parties to hold a national election,” he said.Noman, a BNP vice chairman, made the demand while speaking at a meeting of Chittagong Division Sramik Dal at Railway Officers Club, 300 kilometres southeast of the capital.
“It’s proved through the January 5 election, then the upazila, city and municipal ones that no fair election is possible under the current EC, led by Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmad. “So, this Commission must be dissolved,” he asserted.
Noman alleged that the government with the help of the EC made a mockery of the people in the municipal polls. “It was an organisational defeat of Awami League in the polls. The ruling party candidates in most municipalities won resorting to vote fraud with the help of the administration.”
Mentioning that democracy is an integral part of development, the BNP leader said the country’s over-all development will not be ensured without democracy.
He also called upon the government to take an initiative for a national dialogue to resolve the country’s political problems and restore democracy.  – UNB


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