Drama for Ramadan

Drama for Ramadan


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A drama has been made keeping in mind the ongoing month of fasting, the Ramadan. The YouTube drama has Apurba and Tanzin Tisha in the cast. Mabrur Rashid Bannah has written and directed the drama which has been named “Jibon.

” The drama was released on May 18 on YouTube. The director has said that he has made the drama targeting the month of Ramadan. The drama gives decent entertainment and also some positive message. He claims that until now the viewers’ reaction has been encouraging.
In the drama Tanzin Tisha is seen as a religiously devout girl who keeps busy with her studies and attempts to build up a career. On the other hand Apurba happens to be on the opposite side leading a carefree, arbitrary life. Suddently he sees Tisha on the street and starts liking her instantly. He promptly expresses his emotions. Everything seems to be going well, even the families agreed to see the two wedded off. But before the ceremony Tisha says something to Apurba which moves him. Suddenly he changes his entire lifestyle.


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