Edible oil, meat costlier but vegetables cheaper in Dhaka as rains play havoc | Greenwatch Dhaka | The leading online daily of Bangladesh

Edible oil, meat costlier but vegetables cheaper in Dhaka as rains play havoc


The prices of essential commodities on high demand during Ramadan are rising, while the vegetables prices dropped.The prices of lentils, palm oil, soybean oil, ginger, chicken and beef increased from those of the last week.
But in the capital’s kitchen markets on Friday, the price of vegetables dropped.The number of consumers fell at the markets due to the rains.Buyers said the traders were selling the vegetables off at a lower price fearing they might rot.But the vendors said vegetables supply might drop in the next week due to heavy rainfall across the country.On Friday, brinjal was being sold at Tk 50 to 60 a kg depending on the quality, which sold at Tk 80 to 100 the previous week.The prices of tomato dropped to Tk 50 to 60 per kg, cucumber to Tk 30 and green chilli to Tk 50.The price of egg also dropped due to rain and was being sold at Tk 80 to 84 a dozen in the markets.Palm oil price gained Tk 2 to sell at Tk 65 each kg. Price of bottled soybean also increased by Tk 2.
Retailers blamed the suppliers for the price rise.Bangladesh Edible Wholesale Merchants’ Association President Golam Mawla said, “The price slightly went up due to the increase in transport and other costs.”Beef was being sold Tk 370 a kg, up from the previous week’s Tk 350.The price of local chicken increased by Tk 20 to sell at Tk 340 to 350 a kg.Different kinds of lentils gained up to Tk 5 per kg. One kg gram was being sold at Tk 62 to 65.


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