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Education minister should take brave steps: Dr Kamal Hossain


Demands of the students who became victim in medical admission test or other educational irregularities should be met without much thinking as they go with the constitution, said constitution writer Dr Kamal Hossain.He urged the victim students to fight bravely, keeping in mind the proud contribution of the past students in bringing the country’s contribution, against such indisciplinary practices at a round table organised by Oikkoboddho Chatro Somaj at the National Press Club yesterday.
The victim students put five point demands on the occasion.They include -Along with DUCSU all student associations’ elections must be held to protect students’ rights, strict initiatives should be taken to stop question paper leaking. The government must follow zero tolerance policy to ensure students’ security in the campus, opportunity for the talented students to receive higher education should be sustained and highest budget should be declared in the education sector.
Dr Kamal said the policy makers who make delay in making decision regarding the demands are affected with psychic disease as no dispute is logical with the demands.Even the world will laugh at the policy makers.
Students should continue their protests until the whole education system comes out of the worst situation it is witnessing, civil society people who attended the round table gave inspiration to the students who became victims to the recent event of question leaking or who were second or multi-timers in DU or IBA admission.
Former Election Commissioner M Sakhawat Hossain said, “I could not be able to join the Army and would not find people like Dr Kamal Hossain if I was born this time. I am confused where our society is going.”
Students want talent-based education system.:I urge the education minister to find a solution which is his duty because the government is bound to let people enjoy constitutional rights.”
The government says that the country is witnessing progress in all sectors. “But I must say we are very poor if such trend continues to run,” he said.
Last year doors for second time admission seekers in Dhaka University was closed and now this year for the IBA admission aspirants.What will do the students who want to chase their respective dreams? , said Ajam Rupu, president of Oikkoboddho Chatro Somaj.
The speakers alleged that no investigation committe has been formed yet to find truth what happened in the medical college admission test .They protesters said they would continue their protest untill their demands met.


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