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Eid’s Drama Foyzu Munshir Narkel Gach
Eid's drama

Eid’s Drama Foyzu Munshir Narkel Gach

Foyzu Munshi shows Bengali films on DVD behind a tea shop where he has set up his mini movie hall. The youngsters of the village hangout there. During one afternoon show, when the hero Jasim was bursting the head of villain Jambu with a bottle, Foyzu’s wife sent a message from home that the coconut tree beside the house is crying!

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Foyzu comes home with an exorcist and sits beside the coconut tree all day and when night falls there is again the crying of a baby. The exorcist declares that this is a supernatural coconut tree if barren women eat the bark of this tree they will bear children and diseases will be remedied too.
The whole thing spreads across Abhirampur village and people queue up to take water of the coconuts and bark of the tree and Foyzu Munshi starts sititng beside the tree with the exorcist. The exorcist provides the water and the bark. When the crowd gets too out of control, Foyzu hires security to get the people in line. His wife too is quite happy seeing money flow into the household and thus the story continues.
In the play, Foyzu Munshi’s role is played by Salahuddin Lavlu and Tareen Jahan acts as Setara. Siddiqur Rahman, Humayun Sadhu, Kazi Ujjal, Alamin, Masud Rana Mithu are also present in various roles.
Referring to the story, Salahuddin Lavlu said, “Here I played Foyzu and I run a mini movie hall in a village tea shop. But the movie hall closes due to some circumstances. All in all, the character is funny. Although at the end of the play, viewers will get another story.”
Meanwhile, director-playwright Himu Akram said, “In a word, this is the story of life that has left us. I have seen many such incidents in the village in a short time. Foyzu Munshi’s coconut tree is the modern implementation of superstition in the society. But the end of the story is quite different.”
Director Himu Akram said that ‘Foyezu Munshir Narkel Gach’ will be aired on RTV on Eid-ul-Adha. – Himu Akram