Ershad's concern for incidents of killings

Ershad’s concern for incidents of killings


Expressing deep concern over the growing incidents of killing and forced disappearance, Jatiya Party chairman HM Ershad on Thursday said people are anxious and panicked as they have no security. “Everyone is scared and no one has peace in their minds. I don’t know who is going to be the next victim of forced disappearance… I’m unhappy. I have many things to say, but can’t. You try to understand it,” he told his party activists at a rally. Jatiya Party arranged the programme at Kakrail in the city, marking the May Day. Ershad, also a special envoy to the Prime Minister, said the government has failed to ensure the security of people and rescue those being made disappeared. “I’ve read in the newspapers that 53 people are being subjected to forced disappearance. Seven bodies were found yesterday. Country’s people have no security,” he added. He said the USA scrapped the GSP facility for Bangladesh as the government has failed to ensure workers’ rights. The Jatiya Party chief also alleged that the government is not taking necessary steps to have the GSP facility resorted. Ershad also urged the government to take sincere measures for establishing workers’ due rights. “It’s regrettable that we couldn’t establish workers’ rights even after so many years of the independence.” – UNB


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