Evolve sustaibale election policy thru' dialogue: Bnp

Evolve sustaibale election policy thru’ dialogue: Bnp


Bnp expects that the government would soon evolve a sustainable election policy after discussion with opposition parties.
“We hope that the government will launch a meaningful dialogue with all political parties including the BNP to hold free and fair election in the country immediately,” said BNP international affairs secretary Dr Asaduzzaman Ripon.
He also hoped that the government would move away from its policy of narrowing the path of practicing of constitutional and political rights of the people taking the opposition views into consideration.The BNP leader accused the government of taking move to hold a January 5 style midterm election and said it wants to do so it would have no ground under its feet.
He said the BNP had boycotted that January 5 polls as they know no fair election could be held under the Awami League led government.
The BNP spokesperson expressed his concern over the deterioration of law and order, increase of sexual harassment, price of essential commodities and uncertainty of thousands of Bangladeshis now floating on the sea due to international syndicate of human traffickers.
“The government is playing a role of spectator in such a situation. But it has no headache to take initiative as how to save democracy and resolve the problems,” he added.
Ripon also said that the “so-called opposition” has turned into a part of the government and Parliament raises no word in favour of the people.
He said that BNPs play a positive role over all public interested issues and would continue constructive criticism against the misdeeds of the government. – Staff Reporter


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