Extremism grows when there is no rule of law : Ripon

Extremism grows when there is no rule of law : Ripon


Accusing the government of not allowing the BNP to carryout its political activities, party spokesperson Dr Asaduzzaman Ripon yesterday claimed that extremism grows when there is no rule of law or democratic means for expression.He was speaking at a milad and doa mahfil at party headquarters seeking salvation of the departed soul of publisher Faisal Arefin Dipan, who is also a vice-president of Zia Memorial Library, a pro-BNP social organisaiton.

Ripon urged the government to realise the fact and refrain from ‘blame game’ on the recent killings. All irrespective of opinion and party should unitedly face the national crises by shunning the divisive policies, he added.

He alleged that the country’s people are in tears and they are passing their days with fear.

Ripon said the murdered publisher Dipan was not involved directly with a BNP but be was imbued with the ideals of Ziaur Rahman.

Habibur Rahman Habib, Shirin Sultana, Anwar Hossain, MA Malek and Abdul Latif Jony, among others, were present at milad and doa mahfil. But no senior leader of BNP was seen at the function.


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