False 'Brinjal bomb' panic in Chittagong University

False ‘Brinjal bomb’ panic in Chittagong University


Chattogram, Feb 15 (UNB) – Chittagong University students and authorities spent a sleepless night on Thursday as they mistook a brinjal as a bomb.

Witnesses said panic spread to such extent that first police and then the bomb disposal unit of Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP) were called in, and the police guarded the bomb-like object overnight.

“It looked exactly like a hand-grenade,” said Rajesh Barua, a member of the Bomb Disposal Unit.

Students said the brinjal was found in front of the dean’s office on Thursday night. The security guards were the first to see it and informed the university authorities.

Police rushed to the spot and cordoned off the area. The brinjal was wrapped in black scotch tape and there were two wires attached to it.

But the truth came out when the Bomb Disposal Unit tried to diffuse it around 10 am. “Someone did it to spread panic,” Rajesh said.

Officer-in-charge of Hathazari Police Station Belal Unndin said they were looking for the culprits behind the incident. “We’re investigating the matter and police will hunt down the criminals.”


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