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FBCCI urges govt to punish market manipulators


Apex business body FBCCI has urged the government to take stern measures against anyone trying to manipulate the market.It has said there is adequate supply of essentials.The business body has also urged the businessmen not to stockpile goods. A media statement by the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) on Monday said it was strictly against attempts to hike prices of essentials. The production, import and stock of goods were higher than the demand, a review of the situation revealed. Prices of essentials usually skyrocket during Ramadan despite adequate supply as the demand soars. In recent days, prices of several commodities, including onion, chilli, potato, lentil, edible oil, milk, fruits, and spices have risen before the fasting month, schedule to start from late June. The Department of Agriculture Marketing has sought cooperation from deputy commissioners and police superintendents to keep supply and prices of commodities stable during the Ramadan.FBCCI said it had learnt from media reports that a group of businessmen were trying to destabilise the market by hiking prices.It hoped the supply of goods and prices would stay “normal”.The statement added that 14 teams of the commerce ministry were monitoring the market in Dhaka and at district-level.It urged the businessmen to assist these teams.


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