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Film is my Dream: Shahin Sharif


One of the most popular TV actors of the current time, Shahin Sharif is rather choosy about his works. He recently worked in his first full-length feature film, which is likely to be released this year. In a recent conversation, the model-turned-actor spoke to Greenwatch dhaka about his entry into the silver screen.Tell us about your film.
shahin : It’s called “maaya”. Normally I play romantic role in TV plays, but here, the audience will see me as an action hero.
What’s your expectation from the film?
Shahin: It’s releasing sometime next month hopefully, and expectations are certainly high. The entire team has made a great effort to present a good film before the audiences. I hope it will entertain film lovers.
Tell us about your experience as an action hero.
Shahin: I sustained injuries for a week on my ten-day schedule. I had to stay in water for 18 hours just shooting a title promo. It was shot at Coke factory in Tejgaon. I had to take up quite a few challenges for a number of sequences.
What are your plans for the big screen?
Shahin: If I get quality scripts, I will continue in the field. Otherwise, I am happy with my career in the small screen. A lot of people ask me to quit TV plays and focus on cinema. But I don’t think I can do that.
You have also written, directed and acted in the tele-film “train” simultaneously. How did that go?
Shahin: It was stressful, performing three roles at a time. However, I am very satisfied with my first directorial work.
What kind of scripts interests you the most?
Shahin: Very simple plots. As our life is filled with full of troubles, the audiences feel more comfortable receiving simple plots rather than complex ones. I want to entertain my viewers with plain storylines.
You have also been seen singing …
Shahin: To be honest, I have no institutional education in music. I have adopted it a little through listening only. Besides, my mother was an enlisted singer at radio in Rajshahi. I am often asked to perform songs at different programmes. I have also sung the title song of my play “vul manush”. I have plans to release an album in near future, maybe.


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