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Govt has roles in abduction of Farhad Mazhar, alleges BNP


The BNP called an emergency media briefing at its Naya Paltan headquarters after the 70-year-old was reported missing by his family on Monday.“The information we got from the family of Farhad Mazhar is heartbreaking and alarming for the entire nation. He is a revered columnist, researcher, poet and fiery intellectual,” said BNP leader Ruhul Kabir Rizvi.He claimed the incident did not happen without the government’s knowledge. “Surely one of its teams or agencies is involved in this incident,” Rizvi alleged.Mazhar’s family has not named any suspect after his disappearance on early Monday, when he was called away from his Shyamoli home.His wife Farida Akhter got a call from Mazhar who asked her to prepare Tk 3.5 million for ransom, saying he will be killed otherwise, a family member told“The police tried to track the phone he used to contact the family. Their surveillance spotted the vehicle in Manikganj, but then said it was headed to Magura-Jessore. This is mysterious.”Rizvi backed his claim against the government, saying it was trying to stifle opposition voices.“We think the abduction was done so that no-one writes against oppression and misrule. So that people’s sufferings do not reach the newspapers. So that the prime minister can continue her oppressive rule.”“No terror gang or kidnappers will take him away to demand money. The government, fearful of his writing and thoughts, has been targeting him for long. Today they have tried to achieve that target.”    UNB news agency


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