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Govt, AL to pay for going against SC verdict: Moudud


Dhaka – The BNP senior leader Moudud Ahmed on Monday warned that the government and Awami League will have to pay a heavy price someday for taking a conflicting stance against the Supreme Court verdict that revoked the 16th amendment.“The government has softened its tone (regarding the verdict) as the attorney general is now saying no one should make any comment on the verdict without going through it. It suggests you’ve made all the remarks earlier against the verdict without reading it,” he said.
Speaking at a milad and doa mahfil, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party leader further said, “This regime and the ruling party must pay a price someday for taking a conflicting stance against the verdict. They’ll pay the price…”
Dhaka south city unit BNP organised the programme at the BNP’s Naya Paltan central office seeking early recovery of its chairperson Khaleda Zia who underwent a surgery in her right eye in London recently.
Moudud said it is unimaginable that the government and the ruling party have been challenging a Supreme Court verdict and making unguarded remarks about the judiciary.
“Through such acts, they’ve proved they never believed in the independence of the judiciary in the past and they also don’t do it now either.”
He said it is the Awami League which had put the judiciary under the control of the administration in 1975 by establishing a one-party, Bakshal, rule and giving the president to remove any judge anytime. “So, this party’s track record is not good.”
The BNP leader also said the ruling party leaders’ reckless comments against the chief justice are painful and regrettable.
“They’re even saying an English daily’s editor has written the 16th amendment verdict. If this true, it’s you who have appointed them judges. You’ll be held responsible for it if they can’t write judgments. They’re making such false and derogatory remarks.”
He alleged that the ministers and the ruling party leaders are destroying the dignity and image of the Supreme Court with their ‘false’ remarks.
Moudud came down hard on the government for what he said its failure to stand by flood victims with adequate relief materials.
He also described prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s visit to flood-hit Kurigram and Dinajpur as an eyewash.
“The prime minister went to (visit flood victims) for a single day after so many days. Her party secretary general also went (to visit flood victims) for a day. This is nothing, but eyewash.”
Hasina on Sunday visited Dinajpur and Kurigram to see for herself the condition of the flood victims of the two northern districts.
Referring to media reports, Moudud accused the ruling party men of indulging in various irregularities and misappropriation while distributing relief.
“They’ve completely failed to carry out relief activities. We condemn and protest it.”
The BNP leader called upon their party leaders and activists to stand by the flood victims with their best efforts as one-third areas of the country have been affected by floods.
The BNP standing committee member Mirza Abbas said the government is least bothered about the sufferings of the flood victims of the country’s northern region.
“People are dying and going through a serious ordeal, but they (ministers) are busy with the Supreme Court verdict on 16th constitutional amendment only to secure their power.”
He also alleged that there is a speculation that the government is regulating the media so that they cannot depict the real scenario of the flood and its devastation.
Abbas criticised AL general secretary Obaidul Quader for his comment that the BNP has no capacity to wage a movement, saying as to why the government is not allowing their party even to hold a rally if it is true.
“If you’re brave enough, then allow our Dhaka north and south units to hold rallies in the capital.” – Agency


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