Govt. is making field to hold another 'farcical' election: BNP

Govt. is making field to hold another ‘farcical’ election: BNP


BNP standing committee member Gayeshwar Chandra Roy on Friday alleged that their senior vice chairman Tarique Rahman was convicted as part of the government’s plot to hold another ‘farcical’ national election like the January-5 one.
“Tarique Rahman’s conviction is politically motivated. The government did it as part of its prior preparation to hold another farcical election and remove him from politics,” he said.
The BNP leader came up with the allegation while speaking at a discussion arranged by Swadhinata Forum, a pro-BNP platform, protesting the conviction of Tarique in a money-laundering case.
Mentioning that BNP has at least 1,500 leaders who are in the race to contest the national election with party ticket in 300 seats, he said Awami League will not win any fair polls even if BNP fields its candidates excluding these leaders.
“There’s no need for Tarique and Khaleda Zia to defeat you (AL) in the election. Our Zaima Rahman (Tarique’s daughter) is enough to face you. I can surely say, you (PM) won’t be able to protect your security money, let alone victory, contesting an election against Zaima,” Gayeshwar added.
He said the government cannot destroy BNP by hatching any conspiracy against Khaleda and Tarique Rahman. “Many people had thought BNP would not survive after Ziaur Rahman’s assassination. But, BNP won with huge votes in the election immediate after his death.”
The BNP leader said the current government depends on other country, not on the country’s people, to stay in office as it is not elected with their votes.
He said people have doubt about the government’s efforts to tackle militancy as people lost their confidence it. “No effort will turn successful unless you can restore people’s confidence in you.”
Criticising the Prime Minister for her remarks that a national unity has already been forged to curb militancy, Gayeshwar said the unity was forged seven years back only to plunder public money.
He said the government is allocating Tk 200 for a work worth Tk 100 creating opportunities for the ruling party men to loot public money.
The BNP leader also alleged that the ruling party leaders are siphoning of looted money. “Common people go abroad with handbags and return home with some luggage, while ruling party leaders go abroad with luggage and return home with handbags.


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