Govt. is plunging the country towards "uncivilised darkness": Khaleda

Govt. is plunging the country towards “uncivilised darkness”: Khaleda


BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia yesterday accused the present government of plunging the country towards an “uncivilised darkness”.“The usurpation of power apparently has given certificates of tyranny to the ruling party quarters. They are plunging the country into an uncivilised darkness,” she said in a press statement.
The former premier demanded exemplary punishment of attackers on the Porshuram Upazila Nirbahi Officer so that such incident does not occur further.
She said the government officials are become the victims of repression and harassment by AL leaders and activists if they deny carrying out their illegal and illogical demands. The situation turned into a severe form filed level, she added.
“The incident (attack on Porshuram UNO) is a real example that how discharging of duties by government officials and employees has become so impossible and vulnerable. Such incidents are happening regularly,” she said.
Khaleda said the conscious people are worried over desperate move of imposing muscle power based “Awami misrule” by trampling the rule of law.
She accused the ruling party men of creating a chaotic situation in the country through their despotism and unruly behaviour in patronization of ruling party quarters.
The BNP chairperson alleged that death-row convicts are committing new crimes after getting clemency. On the other hand, innumerable opposition leaders and activists are being harassed by implicating in false cases,” she added.
She reiterated her call to hold an inclusive poll and said there is no alternative to establish a representative democratic government through a participatory poll for and end of the present intolerable situation of corruption, autocracy and anarchy.


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