Govt trying to label opposition men as militants: Rizvi

Govt trying to label opposition men as militants: Rizvi


BNP on Friday alleged that the government is trying to brand opposition leaders and activists as militants by arresting them in the name of crackdown on militants. BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi came up with the allegation while addressing a discussion at the Jatiya Press Club arranged by Democratic Movement, marking the shutdown of all newspapers, except four ones, on June 16, 1975.

He said the government arrested innocent opposition leaders and activists instead of militants in the combing operation through the law enforcers. “No real militant was arrested. Only 145 militant suspects were detained, though there are confusions about their identities. Evil efforts are on to take confessional statements from the detained opposition men regarding their involvement with extremism,” the BNP leader said. Dhaka, UNB News Agency Reported.

He also said the government’s main motive behind the arrest of BNP men in the drive against militants is to identify them as extremists.

Rizvi alleged that the media is not rightly focusing on the incidents of ‘extrajudicial killings’ for the fear of reprisal by the government. He warned that the consequences will not be good if the media keep a silent role against the government’s misdeeds. “You (journalists) won’t be spared from the repression of this autocratic regime one day if you remain silent.”


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