Grameenphone to pump in more funds to widen its internet subscriber base | Greenwatch Dhaka | The leading online daily of Bangladesh

Grameenphone to pump in more funds to widen its internet subscriber base


Grameenphone says it will go for more investment to raise the number of its internet subscribers to 50 million.Chief Executive Officer Rajeev Sethi revealed the plan while talking to reporters of and several other media outlets on Sunday at GP House in Dhaka.He expected number of the largest mobile-phone operator’s internet subscribers to rise to 50 million in next several years. Grameenphone thinks VAT at the customer level should be withdrawn to facilitate a greater number of people to use the internet and enhance number of its users.Sethi, who has been at the helm for last five and a half months, said telecoms sector in Bangladesh had a huge potential.Grameenphone crossed the 50-million subscriber mark in October last year, 17 years after the company commenced operations.Its subscribers constitute 42 percent of the mobile-phone users in Bangladesh.Sethi said the company was not merely a telecom operator; it had larger impact on society and other areas.“Most of the people here want to work with Grameenphone, which helps us. They are intelligent, talented and quality staff.”He said Bangladesh was an extremely young country. “Two-thirds of the population is below 35 years of age. Young generation is driving the country and the fortunes of the country. “Bangladesh is extremely lucky,” he added.


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