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Handsome budget for education needed!


The news “Fasting program for protecting school” has drawn my attention. The last Friday, present and ex-students of Chandra Prova government primary school at Iswardi under Pabna district had to do a fasting program to protect the said school. We also have seen that there are no schools in many areas particularly in char areas. It is also found that roofs of many schools’ buildings are risky and these may fall down any time. So, students of these building have been attending classes outside those in open spaces.
It is also a common phenomenon that a large number of schools do not have required number of teachers. One or two teachers have to manage the all the classes. On the top of the everything, recently a huge number of teachers from registered primary schools have been nationalized most of them are less qualified. Moreover, many teachers have not been taking classes and are managing education administration by other means.
Furthermore, during recently students had to hold demonstrations to stop imposition of VAT on the students’ tuition fees in private universities. Finally, every year the government is reducing budget from the education sector.
But we all know that for rapid development of a country government should spend at least 6 percent of the GDP but we are using only about 2 percent.
May we urge the government to increase amount of money in the education sector and take a crash program to develop primary as well as secondary and tertiary education.
Md. Tofazzel Hossain


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