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Harvest of Boro paddy, main staple crop begins across Bangladesh


Dhaka – Harvest of Boro paddy, the min staple crop, has began and is progressing fastacross Bangladesh.
The Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) sources said farmers have cultivated Boro paddy on vast tracts of land and are expecting a good yield as there has been no manjor natural disasters like viilent storms that occasionally cause damage to this crop.Farmers of the northern districts who rely on this crop more are expecting a desired production of at least 22-24 maunds (about a ton) of paddy per bigha (30 decimals) of land.
Favourable climatic condition, proper distribution of high quality seed of BADC and timely supply of electricity, fertilizers and other agri inputs to the growers are the main reasons behind the desired production, said the growers.
To make the cultivation programme a grand success and to bring all arable land under this programme, the commercial banks and agricultural development banks have disbursed soft loans to the poor and the marginal farmers during the season.
While visiting some areas of the district this correspondent found that cutting of early varieties of Boro paddy particularly BRRI-28 had almost been completed and the harvest of other varieties was going on in full swing.
The growers and their family members are busy in cutting the paddy in the filed and sorting and converting it in their house-yards.
Deputy director of DAE AKM Ruhul Amin said 17 percent of Boro paddy had already been harvested till April 28 and the harvest of Boro paddy would continue till June 15.


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