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Hasina again swipes at Khaleda for Padma Bridge remark


Dhaka, Jan 10 – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday called BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia an ‘insane’ for her recent remarks over the Padma Bridge.“It’s true that a bridge is made attaching different parts. But what she meant by patchwork is not understandable to me… I’ll say it’s better not to concentrate much on the remarks of such a mad person. Any person with a sound brain can’t utter such words,” the Prime Minister told Parliament.
Sheikh Hasina was answering a supplementary question from Awami League MP Fazilatunnasa Bappy.
Referring to Khaleda Zia’s call to her party men not to use the Padma Bridge, the Prime Minister said people will see whether the BNP men use it when the construction is completed. “It’s better to consider it (Khaleda’s remarks) mumbling of a mad.”
The Padma Bridge will help increase the country’s GDP by 1 percent, she said.
In reply to a starred question from the same MP, Hasina said international media ran news that BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia is the third most corrupt person in the world.
She said huge money stashed by Khaleda Zia’s two sons was detected in many countries, including US$ 750 million in Belgium, US$ 250 million in Malaysia, house worth several million in Dubai and assets, including a market in Saudi Arab, which are now under investigation.
Noting that Tarique Rahman siphoned off a lot of money out of the country, Hasina said he and his business partner Giasuddin Al Mamun jointly laundered some Tk 21 crore to CTNA Bank of Singapore in exchange for awarding contract to a foreign company. “Not only Bangladesh but also FBI investigated the matter. Some Tk 6 crore was found at Nat West Bank in London the same way,” she added.
With her answer, the Prime Minister attached a 153-page compilation of news stories run by different media on the capital flight and corruption of the Zia Family. “Khaleda Zia didn’t protest the news,” she said.
“If there’s any false allegation (in the news), the persons concerned will definitely contest it,” she said, adding that the Awami League government contested the corruption allegation placed against it about the Padma Bridge project. “We challenged the corruption allegation and contested it, and finally it was proved that no corruption was there.”
The Prime Minister said, “I want to say unequivocally that the public assets of this country will not be allowed to be plundered and siphoned off any more. Such misdeeds will be divulged through investigation and legal action will be taken against those guilty.”
She said work is on to find out who siphoned off the money and how the money can be brought back.
Responding to a supplementary question from ruling party MP Tajul Islam, the Prime Minister said if BNP tries to thwart the next parliamentary elections, people will resist them like they did during the 2014 national election. “Despite BNP’s resistance, people cast votes in the 2014 election and the voter turnout was around 40 percent,” Hasina said. – UNB


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