Hearing of Dandy Dying loan default case begins

Hearing of Dandy Dying loan default case begins


Court Correspondent

A Dhaka court on Sunday started recording the partial deposition of witness in the case filed for loan default of Tk 45,59,37,295 of Dandy Dying.Judge Fatema Feredous of Dhaka’s Money Loan Court-1 recorded the partial hearing on Sunday and fixed April 17 for next testifying against BNP Chief Begum Khaleda Zia and 15 others in the loan default case over Dandy Dying Limited.

Other defendants of the case are- BNP’s Senior Vice Chairman Tareque Rahman, his maternal uncle late Sayeed Eskandder’s sons Shams Eskander and Safeen Eskander, daughter Sumaiya Eskander and his wife Nasreen Ahmed, businessman Gias Uddin Al Mamun, Mamkun’s wife Shaheena Yasmin, Kazi Galeeb Ahmed, Mrs Shamsunnnahar and Mamud Hasan.

After the death of Khaleda Zia’s younger son Arafat Rahman Koko at a hospital in Malaysia, on January 24, last year, his mother Khaleda Zia, his wife Sharmila Rahman, and two daughters Zafia Rahman and Zahia Rahman were made defendants in the case following Islamic Sharia and that rose the number of defendants rose to 15.

Dandy Dying took a loan of Tk 13.14 crore from the Sonali Bank on May 9, 1993. The bank waived interests following an application of the defendants on October 16, 2001. On October 2, 2012, the bank filed the case against Tareque Rahman. Late Arafat Rahman Koko and others as the defendants failed to repay the loan. On October 3, last year, the court appointed Advocate Abdus Salam to mediate in the case, but the attempt failed..


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