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Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council places 7 point demand


Dhaka-The Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council (BHBCUC) yesterday placed a 7-point demand including 60 reserved parliamentary seats for the minority community to ensure participation and representation in the parliament.
They put the demands forming a human chain in front of the National Press Club yesterday.The speakers on the occasion said though the country is witnessing speedy progress the religious and ethnic minority people in the country are victims of discrimination, deprivation and negligence.
“In the field of politics the people of minority community are like chess pieces. They don’t have representation in politics, government and policy making in proportion with the population,” said Rana Das Gupta, secretary of the council.
He said among the 300 parliamentary seats only 17 seats represent the minority community and only 1 seat has been kept for them of 50 reserved seats for the women.
The demands also include ensuring 20 percent participation of minority and ethnic people in all administrative levels, equal rights for the minorities, freeing the constitution from communal stigma, implementing the CHT peace accord and take appropriate steps for resolving the CHT land dispute etc.
They also said they would submit a memorandum of the demands to Prime Minister.-STAFF REPORTER


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