Home Minister Kamal changes tone about BNP leader Kayum

Home Minister Kamal changes tone about BNP leader Kayum


Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal has changed tone on BNP leader MA Kayum’s suspected link with the murder of Italian citizen Cesare Tavella.He struck a softer note on Wednesday, a day after saying Kayum had ordered the murder.
After the meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Law and Order at the Secretariat, Kamal told reporters: “Jugantor newspaper has published a name. I’ve said he (Kayum) is on the list of suspects. We are suspecting him, too.”
On Tuesday night, he had named Kayum as the murder mastermind in an Ekattor TV programme.In reply to bdnews24.com queries later, he had twice asserted that Kayum had ordered the murder.But after Wednesday’s meeting, he recanted. “I didn’t say so,” he told reporters. “I am repeating what I have said – I told Ekattorer Journal that Jugantor newspaper published [a report saying]that Kayum is a BNP ward commissioner and we have kept his name on the list of suspects,” he said. “We suspect several other persons too. They are also on the list,” he added.In May last year, too, the home minister had denied after confirming the arrest of Narayanganj multiple-murder suspect Nur Hossain’s associate Hasmat Ali Hasu.

He told greenwatch.com in the morning of May 5 last year that Hasu had been arrested from Jessore.
Later, at night, he said, “We are not certain whether Hasmat Ali Hasu has been arrested. There is still some confusion. Mr IGP doesn’t know it still now.“Actually, I wanted to say I saw on the TV that he has been arrested in Jessore,” he had said.After the arrest of four Tavella murder suspects on Monday, police said the Italian aid worker had been killed following order from a ‘Borho Bhai’ (big brother).


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