Saturday , December 14 2019
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Hyder Husyn set to make  comeback

Hyder Husyn set to make comeback

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Humanitarian singer Hyder Husyn is bringing a new social song for his listeners. This song is about the middle-income class of the country. Lyrics and composition have been completed and now only recording and release await. The song will be released on the YouTube channel of Hyder Husyn. But he cannot confirm when the recording would take place. Hyder Husyn wrote the song in 2016. He has a number of other musical compositions at his home but cannot manage to get a proper musician to record them.
About his new song Hyder Husyn thinks that the lives of the middle-income people are most difficult. They have to spend 30 thousand BDT or Bangladeshi Taka to their landowners every month, 10 thousand BDT as school admission fees for their children. And despite all these sufferings they do not resort to scam, bribery, fraudulent or corruption even though staying true in itself becomes dangerous. Because these people hold on to their honest but tiring lives Hyder Husyn has written his next song for them. The intro of the song goes like this-Jonmo Thekei Jibon Jani Beche Thakar Ek Juddho/ .. Satya Nayer Palon Jeno Bibhishika Durbhaggo which in English says- Since Birth I know that Life Is all about a Battle for Staying Alive.