I am not Varun Dhawan that I can dance with Ileana D'Cruz" – Sanjay Dutt

I am not Varun Dhawan that I can dance with Ileana D’Cruz” – Sanjay Dutt


Sanjay Dutt is all set to make his comeback on the silver screen with Bhoomi that hits the theatre tomorrow. The film revolves around a father who is seeking revenge from the molesters of his daughter’s dignity.

With Aditi Rao Hydari playing the role of a daughter to Dutt, the senior actor was made to compare to his contemporaries who are currently romancing younger actresses on-screen. To this Dutt patinently replied, “I have played Hrithik’s father in Mission Kashmir. So, it totally depends on the character that is offered to me and the script. I chose this character because I was really impressed with the way it was written, and I still choose my films on the basis of how the script is, and Bhoomi was a combination of the two.”

The actor further added, “I also want to tell you one thing. I am not Varun Dhawan that I can dance with Ileana D’Cruz. I am not that young. I can’t play a college student. It would look very funny. Everybody has to move on in life. We have to pick the right roles and do the right kind of films.”

Dutt was then further asked about his favorite co-star so far, to which the actor replied saying, “Of course, all of them were standing with me. The industry is my family and they have always been there. I love them all, and I want to give back to them. Coming back to films was a decision out of passion. I was not chasing work. I have enough to sustain my life and eat comfortably at home. A right film mattered to me. So, I didn’t jump at the very first film offered to me. So, whether it took me a year, two years or three years to get back in the film, it didn’t really matter to me.”

“I still believe Amrita Singh and Govinda were my best co-stars. It was great working with them. There was no competition ever,” Dutt then revealed.

Last but not the least, Dutt was asked about what kind of roles he would prefer doing, positive or negative, and the actor replied promptly, “Both are interesting. I love doing ‘nayak’ roles as much as I love my ‘khalnayak’ roles. I am also open to romantic films, but it totally depends on the script and the kind of subjects it tackles. If I come across a good script, why not”?, reports ANI.


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