IGP's call for Khaleda to be responsible indecorous: Bnp

IGP’s call for Khaleda to be responsible indecorous: Bnp


BNP called unbecoming and unexpected Inspector General of Police (IGP) AKM Shahidul Haque’s statement countering the party chairperson Khaleda Zia’s comment and asking her to be ‘more responsible’ in making remarks about police.
The party also voiced concern that the IGP’s comment over the violence during its anti-government movement may influence the cases filed against the opposition leaders and activists in this connection.
“There’re certainly some genuine logic and observation behind the BNP chairperson’s allegation against police. But the police chief’s statement countering her remarks is completely unexpected and unbecoming,” said BNP spokesman Asaduzzaman Ripon.Addressing a press briefing at the party’s Nayapaltan central office, he further said, “I want to ask Mr Shahidul Haque, being the chief of a government agency, is it descent to advise the chief of the country’s one of the biggest political parties and a former Prime Minister to be responsible while making her statements?”
Earlier on Saturday, Khaleda at an iftar party said, “Police set fire to and hurled petrol bombs at buses. They themselves admitted to doing it… Our three-month long movement would not have stopped, had police not killed people by hurling firebombs and torching buses.”
As reporters drew his attention to the BNP chief’s allegation, the police boss on Sunday said, “You (reporters) gather information from roads to everywhere. Did you get any such information? This is a baseless allegation.”
“It’s clear like the daylight that who had thrown petrol bombs, torched vehicles and killed people. People also know it very well and they handed over firebomb throwers to police. We’ve also a list of those involved in it,” he added.
Giving his party’s reaction to the IGP’s comment, Ripon said, “We want to clearly state that our party leaders and activists have no relation with the violence and subversive acts carried out during the movement.”
Protesting Shahidul Haque’s comment that it is clear who were behind subversive acts during the movement, the BNP spokesman said, “Many cases have been filed against our party leaders and activists on false and fabricated charges of their involvement in subversive acts. We fears that the investigation process into the cases may be influenced after the police chief’s such a statement.”
Ripon said the chief of any government agency should not talk like political leaders and show political attitude and body language. “If any chief of any government agency criticizes any particular political party than his/her subordinates will become hostile to that party. When the law enforcers will be hostile to the opposition our democratic space will be totally squeezed and political crisis will deepen.”
The BNP spokesman urged the chiefs of police and all other government forces to refrain from making political statements and to be responsible while making their comments.- Agencies


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