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Improved post-harvest technology reduces production cost


Dhaka – Post-harvest losses of paddy are a major problem of Bangladesh due to lack of appropriate technologies at each stages of post harvest operations. So, it is very important identify the present status of post-harvest practices and available technologies for paddy in Bangladesh. Using mechanical harvesting rather than manual harvesting like power and pedal thresher and BAU-STR dryer in harvest practices, hermetic bags for storage can reduce the loss of farmers; experts have told a workshop.The workshop on “USAID post-harvest loss reduction innovation lab (PHLIL)- Bangladesh component” was held at agriculture faculty conference room of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) in Mymensingh on Wednesday.
Prof Dr Md Monjurul Alam, country co-ordinator PHLIL addressed welcome session with BAU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Md Ali Akbar being present as chief guest Prof Md Abdur Rashid, dean of Agricultural Engineering and Technology faculty in chair.
Prof Dr Md Monjurul Alam presented the keynote paper at the programme.
Later, at a technical session, Prof Dr Md Ayub Ali spoke on mycotoxin component, Prof Dr Chayan Kumar Saha on drying component, prof Dr Abdul Awal on storage component and Shahana Begum on gender issues. – BAU Correspondent


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