Imran: To me, Bappa is like a legend

Imran: To me, Bappa is like a legend


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Two singers from two different generations, Bappa Mazumder and Imran are coming together for the first time with a brand new music album, Adhek Tumi, to be released during the Eid festivities.

The album contains six songs, three from each singer, and has been produced by popular music company CMV. Nazir Mahmud and Shuman Kallayan arranged the music of the album, and lyrics were written by Shomeshwar Ali and Sharif Birjan.

Singer Imran is very excited about the upcoming release of the collaboration with Bappa Mazumder. He says, “Bappa-da is one of the finest musicians I have worked with. To me he is like a legend. I am hopeful about this album. It was also interesting to only be singers after a long time, since the rest of the album was arranged and produced by other talented artists.”


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