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In North Korea, sometimes the dead come back


By Leo Byrne
No, not zombies – absence of medical care, standard funeral homes means some are declared dead prematurely
I know there are many funeral halls in South Korea. But there were none in my hometown in North Korea. I don’t know if such funeral halls existed in other regions of North Korea, but I know we usually held funerals at the homes of the dead. Without any funeral halls in business, people had to have their funerals at home. Now, before I go on, let me point out that I’m not and never have been a mortician. So, I don’t know every detail about the exact process of funerals in North Korea. But I do know that the funeral process takes three days, and the very first thing they do is clog the ears and noses of the dead person with wads of cotton.
I have heard that the reason why they do this to prevent water from leaking out. And they fill the dead person’s mouth with raw rice – this is supposed to be the dead person’s food when they get to the afterlife. After that, they dress the dead body up with clean clothes. They make sure that these are made of cotton, because they think cotton is most suitable when the dead body begins to decompose. – NK News


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