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Inadequate infrastructural facilities hamper RU academic activities


Dhaka-Academic activities of Rajshahi University (RU) are being hampered for scarcity of adequate number of classrooms, teacher’s chambers, seminar rooms and laboratory rooms.The rooms in the university are small enough to accommodate the students of a class. As a result most of the class rooms are remain crowded. Many students attend the classes standing inside the rooms.
As estimate showed that the number of students under Arts and Social Science faculties is around 15,600. There are nearly 375 teachers in 20 departments under these faculties. But there are only 41 class rooms, 141 teachers’ chambers, 20 seminar rooms and 20 office rooms. There is no common rooms, laboratory rooms for the students these departments.
Classes of three departments under Social Science faculty are held in Business Studies building. Another class is held at arts and crafts building.
Students of these faculties usually gather at the teacher’s room and the teachers ask the students where they would like to hold the class. The students search for a free room and accordingly the class room.
A total of three department of science faculty like population and Human Rights department, Pharmacy department and Material Science department have been facing these problems.
Besides, newly introduced Law & Land Administration Department, Printing Oriental & Mural Painting Department, Pottery & Sculpture Department, Crafts & Art History Department also being facing such accommodation crisis.
Few departments of Agriculture and Life and Earth faculties have been facing problems such as lack of laboratory and research materials. As a result, their academic activities of the university are also being to a great extent.
Some teachers of the university take their classes during the breaks. Sometimes classes are also held in the seminar room or even at the teacher’s chamber.
The academic activities of the university are also being badly hampered due to opening of new subjects every year without infrastructural arrangements.
These newly introduced departments have no own buildings, class rooms, and seminar room and so on.-RU Correspondent


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