India to remain Bangladesh's long-term partner: Manmohan

India to remain Bangladesh’s long-term partner: Manmohan


Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on Saturday assured Bangladesh
that India would remain long-term partner in its development efforts
as India wants to see a strong and prosperous Bangladesh.  “We’re committed to completing the tasks we’ve agreed upon in a manner that
responds to be mutual aspirations of both our people,” he said.   The
Indian premier came up with the remark through a videoconference as he
along with Sheikh Hasina jointly inaugurated the Bangladesh-India
power transmission centre from Bheramara, Kushtia in a bid to usher in
a new horizon in regional power trade.   They also unveiled the plaque
of foundation stone of Maitree Super Thermal Power Project (Rampal
1320 MW coal based power plant).   Dr Manmohan Singh also looked
forward with confidence to a future of deeper cooperation in energy
and all other dimensions of bilateral relationships of the two
countries.   He said that the initiative that they took during
Hasina’s historic visit to India in January 2010 came true today.
The Indian premier said the transmission line and the HVDC station in
Bheramara provide a safe and reliable interconnection of the power
grids of our two countries, which will enable supply of 500 MW of
power from India to Bangladesh.   “A shared aspiration of our people
has been translated into a concrete outcome. I would, therefore, like
to congratulate you, your colleagues and the people of Bangladesh for
this extraordinary accomplishment,” he said.   The Indian Prime
Minister also thanked his cabinet colleagues, technical personnel and
officials at the Centre and in the State Government of West Bengal for
implementing this landmark project in South Asia in such a short span
of time.   About the laying of the foundation stone for the 1320 MW
Maitri Thermal Power Project being developed by the Bangladesh-India
Friendship Power Company, which is a joint venture of India’s NTPC Ltd
and the Bangladesh Power Development Board, Manmohan called upon the
project authorities to observe the highest environmental standards in
its execution, given that the Sundarbans are the common heritage.
“The initiatives being undertaken today strengthen the bonds of
friendship between India and Bangladesh and add a rich new dimension
to our bilateral relations,” he said.   Mentioning that economic
development is the biggest challenge for all countries in South Asia,
Dr Manmohan said, “Our destinies are inter-linked and so must our
economies be. I have always believed – and I believe Prime Minister
Sheikh Hasina shares my conviction – that the prospects for economic
development in South Asia will be substantially enhanced through a
partnership for shared prosperity between the countries of the
region.”   He said that the key to shared prosperity is greater trade
and investment in the region and improved connectivity through
transport, road, rail, telecom and cyber and energy links.   “Today’s
inauguration represents an important milestone in connecting our two
countries and the broader region through a growing web of cross-border
energy links and trade,” he said.   Lauding the significant progress
that Bangladesh has made under the distinguished leadership of Sheikh
Hasina, including in the area of energy security, Dr Manmohan said
Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing economies in South Asia and
its achievements in meeting the Millennium Development Goals stand as
an example for the rest of the world.   “India wishes to see a strong
and prosperous Bangladesh.  I assure you that India will remain a
steadfast and long-term partner in your development efforts,” he
added.   The Indian Prime Minister also thanked his Bangladesh
counterpart for strengthening mutually beneficial relations between
the two countries.   “The Framework Agreement on Cooperation for
Development that we signed in Dhaka in 2011 provides the template for
our cooperation in the future. In the past few years, our cooperation
has made rapid progress in many areas,” he said.   He went, “We do
recognize that we have to make progress in other areas. We’re
committed to completing the tasks we had agreed upon in a manner that
responds to the mutual aspirations of both our peoples.”   Noting that
the people of India and Bangladesh have always been good neighbours,
the Indian Prime Minister said, “In recent years, we’ve shown that we
can pursue cooperative endeavours to harness the boundless economic
potential of our relationship based on the principles of equality,
sovereignty and mutual prosperity,”   “I look forward with confidence
to a future of deeper cooperation in energy and all other dimensions
of our relationship. And I convey to you, Madam Prime Minister and,
through you, to the people of Bangladesh my best wishes for success in
all your endeavours for national development and prosperity,” he
added. – Agencies


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