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Indian cattle in the market


Indian cattle are entering into Bangladeshi haats. The cattle which enter into Bangladesh are being corridor with taka five hundred through customs and become legality.Although Bangladesh has no contract with India to import cattle but it transects illegal way. So the Bangladeshi cattle farm owners are being frustrated. They are not getting the fare price.The price of beef has been increased taka one hundred in per kg in this year than last year. Consequently the price of cow, goat and buffalo increase than last year, market sources said.Samsul Islam,Ershad Hossain and Jellur Rahman owners of cattle farm told that a huge demand of sacrificial cattle are created. So it rear from early stage for better price on the eve of Eid-ul Azha. But in vain due to Indian cattle.Mozammel Hossain Sabary a cattle farm owner under Kurigram municipality made a cattle farm with 30 cattle (cow). He spent taka five lakh till now. He hoped that he will sell these cows at taka nine lakhs. But he will get only take 6 to 6.5 lakh due to Indian cow.The prices of cattle feed like straw, maize, wheat, grass, medicine for treatment and maintenance have been increased. If it continuous the local cattle farm may be closed, he added.Cattle trader Johurul Islam,Asadul and Sobhan Ali said they supply cattle to other parts of the country including Dhaka from Kurigram regularly. The price of beef in per maund(40kg) was at taka10,000 to 11,000 but at present it increased at taka 13,000 to 14,000. As a result the prices of cattle are high than last year.The demand of Indian cattle is high in Dhaka.A total of 8,973 cattle entered the districts through several border points in the first week of September, citing customs department officials The customs department collected Tk 44.86 lakh as duty for those at a rate of Tk 500 each. Border Guard Bangladesh had collected the money on the government’s behalf. A total of 7,000 cattle entered Kurigram in the last week of August while the number was 22,000 in July.Traders said Indian cattle were brought to the district’s local markets through 15 border points including, Daikhawa, Narayenpur, Moidam, Diadanga, Shaljhar, Pakhiura, Dhaldanga, Bagvandar Bhawalkuri, Singkjhar and Madarganj under Bhurungamari, Nageswari, Roumari and Sadar upazilas. Dharla Bridge point is another point through which cattle enter the district, they added. As the number of Indian cattle increased, the price of the local ones dropped, said cattle farmers and farm owners.The main cattle markets are traditional haat Jatrapur,Kathalbari under Sadar upazila, Nageswari and Bhurungamari upazila haat,Durgapur under Ulipur upazila,Chilmari,Raumari and Rajibpur upazila haat.Kurigram Livestock officer Dr. Amitab Chatterjee said that a total of 6 lakh domestic animal in Kurigram district. Of them cow 55, 500, goat 16000 and ram 3,278. Some 28,000 families rear cattle. There are 507 dairy farm here and the demand of meat in the year is 1, 80,000 metric tonne, he added.Kurigram Correspondent


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