International plot to humiliate Bangladesh: Hasina

International plot to humiliate Bangladesh: Hasina


The prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, said on Sunday that the recent terrorist attacks and killings were being carried out as part of international conspiracy to create a situation for launching attacks on Bangladesh.Addressing a press conference at her official residence Gana Bhaban in Dhaka, Sheikh Hasina, also president of ruling Awami League, claimed that she herself is on the top of all lists of tthe killers.The press conference was held to apprise the media about the outcome of her just-concluded three-day visit to the Netherlands.Asked if Bangladesh is unsafe following the recent spate of terrorist attacks, the prime minister said, “Various incidents are taking place in different countries. If Bangladesh is somehow declared unsafe, claiming the presence of IS and if Bangladesh is forced to admit IS’ existence, they can swoop down on Bangladesh. Many have such a plan.”She went on saying, “If the recognition that there is IS [Islamic State group] in Bangladesh could be realised [from Bangladesh], then in what condition would we be? What is happening today in Syria? What has happened in Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan?”

“There is a conspiracy from international quarters to push Bangladesh to a situation similar to those countries, but it is unfortunate that some of the people from inside the country are involved in this conspiracy as well.Today Muslims are killing Muslims,” she continued, “but the question is who are playing the game and who are pulling the strings?. Why are Muslims becoming their puppets?”Calling on the people to be vigilant, the prime minister said, “We don’t want our land to be used by others or something to happen here.”The prime minister claimed that there was huge pressure on the government to admit IS’ existence in Bangladesh.She, however, didn’t mention the name of those who are putting pressure on Bangladesh. “My stance is clear. We see who are carrying out these acts. These are planned acts.”

In reply to another questioner, Sheikh Hasina said the attacks are being carried out in a planned manner. “And they have more plans in the days to come. They want to go further, with the only target to prove that Bangladesh is unsafe so that they can somehow enter Bangladesh as in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and so that they can launch attacks [on Bangladesh]whenever they want. They want to create such a situation here.”The prime minister, however, iterated that she has the information that BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami men are carrying out these terrorist attacks.

“Whoever is being arrested in these incidents, are found to be either Shibir men or BNP men. When they failed to achieve anything by burning people to death, they have now resorted to secret killings and to taint Bangladesh’s image by killing foreigners,” she added.Claiming that Bangladesh is safe, Hasina said, “My words are very clear and I know that no head of the state will speak so clearly. But I love my country.”She also alleged, “This situation is being created artificially to prove by any means that Bangladesh is unsafe. The people of Bangladesh are not of that nature. There is always communal harmony.”


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