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IS militants being smuggled to Europe with boat refugee


Islamic State (IS) is smuggling militants from North Africa to Europe across the Mediterranean Sea in ships carrying thousands of immigrants.Libyan government adviser Abdul Basit Haroun has told the BBC that a large part of human trafficking from North Africa is being controlled by the IS.Speaking with the boat owner, Haroun claims that IS has agreed to let human traffickers keep operating with their help on the Mediterranean provided they pay 50 percent of their income to the IS militants.According to the UN, over 60,000 people have crossed the Mediterranean to reach Europe in in the first five months of the current year.It has been estimated that at least 1,800 people have died in accidents while making the journey, a figure twenty times more than the previous year.Haround told the BBC, “It is not possible for the European police to know who is from IS and who is a normal refugee. The IS taking advantage of this smuggle in its people.”Sometimes the terrorists have separate seating arrangements inside a boat. They are never afraid of this horrific journey, he added.The Libyan adviser is convinced that those men are from IS and that they are planning to attack Europe in future.
Earlier, EU border control agency Frontex warned the countries saying foreign militants may have been using the traffickers’ route to enter Europe.In recent years, IS has been active in Libya after taking control of a huge part of Iraq and Syria.In March they attacked Tunisia’s capital Tunis, killing around 22 people.


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