Islami Bank infighting deepens

Islami Bank infighting deepens


Islami Bank’s Vice Chairman Syed Ahsanul Alam Parvez has claimed most of the bank’s directors support him in his battle against Chairman Arastoo Khan and said they will resign if he is forced to step down.

A joint statement was released to the media by Parvez, a Chittagong University professor, and several members of the board on Saturday amid his public feud with Khan.

Nine of the 21 members of the board have signed the statement, said Parvez, an independent director. Three others are currently abroad, but have expressed their support for the statement, he added.

The boardroom battle in the country’s largest bank and alleged financial backbone of Jamaat-e-Islami went public due to Parvez’s Facebook post on May 11.

In January, former secretary Khan was made the chairman of the bank and Parvez was reassigned as its vice-chairman after the bank ousted the old guard and recast the board in an attempt by the government to wrest control.

According to Parvez, Jamaat supporters had coalesced their support in the bank and could break the government’s informal reform initiative.

“Islami Bank has returned to the hands of anti-liberation forces,” Parvez said.

He told that he had sought Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s intervention to ‘save’ the bank from the anti-Bangladesh forces.

“I will step down if the prime minister takes no steps, but not before that.”

Arastoo Khan denied Parvez’s allegations on Thursday.

“The allegation brought by the vice chairman in his Facebook status that the Islami Bank’s control has returned to anti-liberation forces is baseless,” said Khan. “His allegation that he is being threatened and asked to resign is also unfounded.”


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