IUBAT faculties join outdoor academic expedition in Cox's Bazaar

IUBAT faculties join outdoor academic expedition in Cox’s Bazaar


The International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT) is holding “Academic Retreat 2014” away from the capital at Cox’s Bazar within a fascinating environment of seashore belt. Academic Retreat, an innovative academic program will be marked by wide range of exploration to converge ideas to set modalities in order to produce efficient graduates for 21st century job markets. The old and new academics will be attending the session with lots of enthusiasm and exuberance to adopt a rational working procedure to implement this enthusiastic program in line with mission, vision of the university compatible to global changes.Academic Retreat is an innovative program evolved by IUBAT in line with practices of renowned universities of developed countries. The intellectual exploration in such a remote amazing location widens human minds to conceptualize any important academic pursuit. Elaborate program has been drawn to this effect to mark the occasion in coordination with senior members of faculties headed by Dr M A Jabbar, Chair, Department of Economics as convener of the Academic Retreat Organizing Committee.
Prof. Dr. M Alimullah Miyan, Founder and Vice Chancellor of IUBAT left for Coz’s Bazar on Wednesday with more than 150 old and new academics, comprising of departmental chairs, directors, coordinators, faculty members of different colleges and departments.The big entourage will also be accompanied by some members of the Board of Directors.They will remain engaged in spectacular entertaining academic extravaganza in the best interest of higher education, disclosed by the convener.
The formal session of Academic Retreat will be held on May 2,(Friday) at Hotel Seagull, Cox’s Bazar. Academics will join a full day session to explore genuine cum rational policy decision for crafting a comprehensive operating methodology in line with the theme of discussion. The focal point of the entire exercise will be streamline measures to producing effective world class graduates to meet the demands of 21st century job markets.
The fascinating outstation environment will pave enough scope for the participants to apply individual aptitude, brainpower and intellectual acumen to suggest working procedure for implementing the central theme of the Retreat. The proceedings will be marked by deliberations of academics stressing on capacity development of students underscoring the need of better grooming through excellent teaching.
IUBAT has adopted innovative practices for producing quality graduates capable of facing the contemporary global challenges at home and abroad. Academic Retreat, being the yearly program, many a way help faculties to acquire superior skills to disseminate advanced knowledge and technology to ensure quality development of students. All these, both directly and indirectly contribute to facilitate socio-economic transformation in the society.
IUBAT has been holding‘Academic Retreat as a part of faculty orientation for improving teaching skills, ability and capacity to achieve a particular academic objective in line with mission, vision and objectives of the university for strengthening manpower development. The dissemination of advanced knowledge and technology strengthen the overall grooming process for producing quality graduates. Adequate skills, expertise backed by IT proficiency is the backbone of new professionals of 21 century. IUBAT’s teaching process based on innovative modules and developed methodologies ensure wide range of opportunities to this effect. Effective teaching, training and guidance through programs like” Academic Retreat” sharpens the academic delivery to achieve the objectives.
Prof. Dr. M Alimullah Miyan, Founder and Vice Chancellor of IUBAT is expected to deliver valuable address highlighting core issues of the selected theme of the Retreat :” Developing Graduates of 21st Century Market” co-relating short term and long term measures to achieve such a robust and innovative academic dispensation.
The formal session will be followed by discussion, cross discussion, group studies, analysis, diagnosis of the theme. Academics will be engaged comprehensively to evolve better ways of knowledge generation for excellent grooming of students to make them world citizen.
In addition to that the hallmarks the Academic Retreat 2014 will be: (1) Exploration of core issues relating to quality assurance in line with global changes, (2) Dress and behavior code,(3) Manners and etiquette,(4)Course outlines and instructions,(5) Report writing uploading outline online,(6) Sustainability,(7)Motivation of students to speak in English as first language, (8) Class preparation and delivery,(9) Counseling of students and other valuable means of knowledge generation.- Press release



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