Joy asks startups to keep on trying

Joy asks startups to keep on trying


Prime Minister’s ICT Adviser Sajeeb Ahmed Wazed Joy has asked Bangladesh startups not to give up despite failures. Bangladesh’s first Software Technology Park, aimed to facilitate IT entrepreneurs, was inaugurated on Sunday.Speaking on the occasion, Joy said he hopes that Bangladesh will someday produce companies like Google and Facebook.The Software Park located at the Janata Tower in Dhaka’s Karwan Bazar, is first of the seven such facilities the government plans to set up across the country.“There’s a saying in Silicon Valley, none succeeded with their first startup. But you have to keep trying,” he said.“You will succeed if you keep trying, if you have talent. That’s my experience.”Joy said he, too, did not succeed with his first venture but he kept trying and eventually, succeeded.“I’m an entrepreneur like you. I can’t sit still… I want to do something on my own initiative.”First four companies who were allotted place at the software technology park were handed over their spots on Sunday.A competition was held for allocating spots at the ‘startup incubator’ on the park’s third floor.

Joy recalled his time studying computer science in Bangalore in the ‘80s. “American companies had only started coming there. Just at that time, India’s own IT startups sprouted in Bangalore. You know the rest of the story,” he said.The prime minister’s son said he dreams of doing a Bangalore in Bangladesh. He said the government plans to take Bangladesh forward in the IT sector like India or Malaysia.


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