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Karachi Media conference pledges to uphold ethics of journalism 


Mohammad Zainal Abedin, Karachi
A 4-day international conference held at Karachi, the main commercial hub of Pakistan ended on Monday with a call to uphold the ethics of journalism. This pledge was made on the concluding day of the conference.The conference held at a 3-star hotel in Karachi was inaugurated by the governor of Sindh Mohammad Zubair on January 5 at his official residence. It ended on January 8 that adopted a 10-point declaration.
Journalists of 25 countries including US, UK, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Finland, Romania, Serbia, Austria, Croatia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. attend the conference organized by PMDF (Pakistan Media Development Foundation).
No journalists from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan attended the conference due to visa and other complications. Journalists from Arab countries, except Kuwait, were not seen at the conference.
The 4-day long conference was divided into eight sessions what discussed on topics relating to media. These were: Key World issues and Media; Strategic Proximity and Media; Media Laws/Code of Conduct/ Ethics; Future of Print Media and Scope of Digital Media; Case of South Asian Media; Media & Cultural Variations; Psychological effects of Current Affairs, Programs and Social Media; and Challenges faced by Women in Media.
The declarations adopted on the concluding day say: the journalists will uphold the principle of truth; will work for public interest even in odd situation, maintain ethical standard, foster good journalistic relations among the journalists of participating countries, strive to ensure the welfare of employees working in the media outlets, work to protect the right to access to information, remain vocal against gender discrimination in media, work to bridge the gap among various countries in the field of journalism and will follow the principles of journalism opposing hate speech, crime and violence.
The participants from across the globe lauded the meritorious effort of PMDF. The praised the conference as a milestone in the history of journalism in Pakistan which allowed the journalists to express their free, frank and fruitful discussions on the topics.
The journalists were charmed at friendly and hospitable cooperation of Ms Durdana Shahab the Chairperson of PMDF, its Secretary General Amin Yousuf, Advisor for Europe Meraj Abid and other officials and volunteers who made the conference a success.
Mentionable, journalists were accorded warm reception and treatment so long they were in the soil of Pakistan. Feasts honouring the foreign journalists were sponsored among others by Mohammad Zubair the Provincial Governor of Sindh, Nasir Hussain Shah Information Minister of Sindh, Wasim Akhtar Mayor of Karachi, Dr M. A. Sheikh Chancellor of Sindh Madressatul Islam University of Karachi, Karachi Press Club, MQM (Pakistan) and some business establishments.


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