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Keraniganj sweetmeat shops fined by mobile court


Dhaka – The Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) organised a mobile court which fined five sweetmeat shops of Tk 6 lakh on charge of making low quality sweetmeat in Keranigonj,on the outskirts of the capital, on Thursday.
Sources at the Rab-10 battalion headquarters said  a operation team of the battalion led by its ASP Md Asaduzzaman along with executive magistrate Md Sarwar Alam conducted a simultaneous drives at Rajendrapur of South Keranigonj from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm.During the drive, the the mobile court found that low quality sweetmeat was being made at “ Rifat Mistannya Bhander, “ “ Ma Mistannya Bhander,” Pakhi Ma Mistannya Bhandar,” Apurba Mistannya Bhander,” and “ Adi Basu Dev Mistannya Bhander,”.
Employees of the sweetmeat shops were making sweetmeat in an unhygienic environment without using hands glove. They were also found making harmful chemicals, said ASP Md Sajjad Hossain of Rab-10.
The mobile court fined Jahangir Alam, 40, the owner of “ Rifat Mistannya Bhander,” of Tk 1.59 lakh, in default two months simple jail, Sunil Shaha, owner of “ Ma Mistannya Bhander,” of Tk 1.50 lakh, in default two months imprisoned, Babul Das, owner of ,” Pakhi Ma Mistannya Bhandar,” of Tk 50,000, in default one month jail, ,Amal Modok, owner of ” Apurba Mistannya Bhander,” of Tk 1.50 lakh, in default tow months jail and  the owner of  “ Adi Basu Dev MIstannya Bhander,” of Tk 1 lakh, in default one month jail.
Owners of the five sweetmeat shops were released paying fined amount. – News Desk


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