Khaleda for bringing balance in PM's power

Khaleda for bringing balance in PM’s power


Presenting a draft of Vision-2030, BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia on Saturday called for bringing balance in power of the prime minister.At the 6th national council session of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, the former prime minister also advocated a bicameral parliament to improve the representation of the people.“The power of the prime minister in parliament has reached the level exercised by an autocrat,” Khaleda Zia said, pledging that her party would work for bringing a balance in the power structure.She also disclosed her new plan to work for a bicameral parliament, saying that dignitaries of the country would be elected members in the upper chamber of the parliament.
“Power will be decentralised at all levels,” the BNP leader said addressing the council session as chairatEngineers’ Institute in Dhaka city.
In her vision, 2030, Khaleda forecast that Bangladesh would attain the upper middle income country status by the year 2030. Per capital income at that point in time would be US$5,000, she added.Khaleda Zia expressed the hope that the country will also achieve a double-digit economic growth within that time.The BNP chairperson indicated that Vision-2030 will also be inserted into the election manifesto of her party.“The BNP wants to introduce new trends of politics, against the hostile political path being followed at present,” she said, emphasising the need for a national reconciliation.


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