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Khaleda has lost right to do politics, says Sheikh Hasina


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday said BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia and her associates, before coming to people to woo their support, must give answer to deaths of scores of people in petrol bomb attacks.
“Carrying out horrendous atrocities on people and keeping her in confinement for 92 days, Khaleda Zia could not resolve any problem of the nation; rather she interfered in the civic rights of the people in the name of political movement. So Khaleda Zia has no right to do politics and stand before the people.The Prime Minister said this while addressing a public rally after opening a flyover at Pear Ali Degree College Ground in Sreepur upazila, about 60 kilometres off the capital city, this afternoon.
Sheikh Hasina said people of the country never responded to the movement of BNP and Jamaat. But they enforced ceaseless siege and hartal programmes at a time when the country was on the way for development.
“Most unfortunate thing is that the BNP-Jamaat in the name of movement started homicide and letting loose terrorism and militancy to burning people alive. Those people, who have given order to kill people through burning and have manufactured petrol bombs and hurled those on people, must be made answerable.
Sheikh Hasina said most the victims of BNP-Jamaat atrocities were innocent and low or middle-income people. They have torched a huge number of buses, trucks and other vehicles mostly used by common people. The cruelty of BNP-Jamaat is comparable with that of Pakistani force in 1971, she said.
Local parliament member and former minister Advocate Rahmat Ali presided over the function while Minister for Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader and Minister for Liberation War Affairs AKM Mozammel Haque also spoke on the occasion.
Construction work of the 450-metre flyover with 450-metre approach road was completed in about two years under the supervision of the 17 ECB of Special Work Organization (SWO) of Bangladesh Army at a cost of Taka 72 crore to ease communication of the northern and central districts with the capital city.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said a person, who has minimum human values and sympathy and affection for the people, can never burn them (people) alive. In 92 days, around 150 people were burnt alive and more than a thousand were injured at the instigation of Khaleda Zia. She destroyed many families and shattered hopes of their life.
Sheikh Hasina criticised a section of people for what she said trying to rescue BNP, saying that many educated persons including a former vice chancellor are now striving to salvage BNP.
“Have those educated persons lost their capacity of thinking or confined their intelligence and consciousness to militants and terrorists?” she asked.


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