Khaleda now fears about country's sovereignty

Khaleda now fears about country’s sovereignty


Dhaka-BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia on Wednesday alleged that the government is conspiring to hand over the control of Bangladesh to another country.“Now we’re worried whether we’ve our sovereignty as our people can’t do anything without any hesitation and fear. It seems the current unelected and illegitimate regime is plotting to hand over the control of the country to others,” she said.
The BNP chief came up with the allegation while speaking at an iftar party arranged by Doctors’ Association of Bangladesh (DAB) at the city’s Ladies’ Club.
Khaleda said the Awami League-led government had initiated its plot against the country through the BDR carnage in 2009, shortly after it assumed office.
She said they want to control the country by intimidating, repression and killing its people.
The BNP chief said alleged that the members of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) cannot protect the country’s citizens along the border as the security forces of other countries are intruding into Bangladesh territories and killing its people. “But, this government can’t dare protest any such incident. Such a fragile government can’t ensure the welfare of the country’s people.”
She bemoaned that the country has now reached such a level that a country like Myanmar attacks inside Bangladesh and violates its airspace. “But, the members of BGB are playing a helpless role. They, perhaps, have become weak and powerless by killing the people of their own country.”
Mentioning that Bangladesh is no longer a democratic country, Khaleda said it has now turned into a police state. “Everything is now happening here under police control. They’re picking up people and killing them in crossfire as per their whims. Even, women are being subjected to torture.”
She said now there is no rule of law and justice in the country as the judiciary and other institutions cannot work neutrally. “So, the country’s people are now being oppressed and suppressed.”
Stating that only the country’s people can resist any conspiracy against the nation through their united efforts, the BNP chairperson called upon all irrespective of their religion, race and colour to get united to save the country and ensure public security and the rule of law.


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