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Khaleda slams govt for growing road fatalities


Dhaka – Voicing serious concern over the ‘shabby’ conditions of roads and highways across the country, BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia on Tuesday said road fatalities are growing sharply under the current government. -UNB
“Accidents are regularly taking place all over the country. The rundown roads and highways are particularly contributing to the rise in road fatalities. Now see dead bodies here and there every day,” she said.
The BNP chief came up with the remarks while speaking at an iftar party arranged by Bangladesh Labour Party, one of the partners of the BNP-led 20-party alliance, at Emmanuelle’s Banquet Hall in the city’s Gulshan area.
Khaleda said though the government claims to have carried out massive development works in the country, there is no development insight in rural areas as many roads are in dilapidated condition there.
The BNP chief said the Prime Minister has been travelling different places at home and abroad in joyous mood though people are enduring immense sufferings.
She alleged that the current government never thinks about public welfare as it is always concerned about hanging onto in power. “They (govt) have worked out some strategies to prolong power without people’s votes.”
The BNP chief also said the government is working for only those who can help it to be there in power giving them various facilities. “Common voters have little value to it as it knows people won’t vote it.”
Observing that no proper voting has been held over the last 10 years in the country, she said a congenial atmosphere must be created so that all the parties can participate in the next election and people can cast their votes freely. “An election time-supportive government is a must to create such an environment by assisting the Election Commission.”
Khaleda slammed the government for its failure to control the soaring prices of essentials and inflicting sufferings on people by raising the tariffs of utility services and imposing the burden of tax and VAT.
She called upon people from all walks of life to get united to establish a pro-people government by ousting the current ‘repressive’ regime.


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