Law Commission silent on 'black laws': Fazle Rabbi

Law Commission silent on ‘black laws’: Fazle Rabbi


Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law Ministry Fazle Rabbi Miah on Saturday criticised the Law Commission for its apparent
silence over some ‘black laws’ of the state.   “The Law Commission has made commendable jobs by submitting reports on some outdated laws, but
there remain some more black laws. They need to work on the Special Power Act, which is a black law,” he told a programme.   Fazle Rabbi
was addressing the national seminar on the ‘Role of Human Rights Defenders: Protection and Promotion of Human Rights in Bangladesh’,
organised by the National Human Rights Commission at a city hotel.
“The chairman or the members of the Law Commission should not remain silent on the matter, particularly when they’re enjoying facilities at
their capacity. No matter the government accepted it or not, they should have submitted a report with recommendations to repeal the
special power act,” said Fazle Rabbi.   He recommended that the Law Commission must work for proposing amendments to some more outdated
laws, including the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), of the country.
He also observed that the Law Ministry is lacking dynamism in this regard, despite the leadership of the Law Minister Shafique Ahmed, who
is a dynamic person himself. – UNB


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