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Law enforcers again killing opposition workers sans trial: Bnp


BNP yesterday alleged that law enforcers are once again resorting to extra-judicial killing and abduction of opposition workers.
“After the killing of some ruling party men in crossfire, we feared that the opposition men will again be subjected to enforced disappearances and killings. Our apprehension has turned true as our six activists remained missing for the last few days,” said BNP spokesman Asaduzzaman Ripon while addressing a press briefing at party central office in the city.He claimed that the six BNP men — Golam Rabbani, AbuL Hossain, Apple, Babu, Tutul and Nazrul Islam – were picked up by the police in between August 22 and August 30, but they were not produced before court.
Of them, Ripon said Golam Rabbani, AbuL Hossain and Nurul Islam were detained by the law enforcers from Rajshahi’s Mundaman area while Apple from Naogaon’s Naohata crossing and Babu and Tutul from the capital’s Khilkhet.
He said, RAB members killed BNP activists Ferdous Hasan of South Keraniganj in the name of crossfire on Sunday after picking him up while he was returning home from the judge’s court.
The BNP leader said the party activists were picked up allegedly by the police from different parts of the country.
He demanded a judicial inquiry into the missing of their six activists.
“We strongly demand the government a judicial inquiry into the incidents to find out the missing people and bring those involved in the incidents to justice,” he said.
Ripon said this is a matter of regret that our law enforcers are regularly carrying out illegal acts like extrajudicial killing ignoring our constitution.
“The family members of the victims of enforced disappearance are holding the law enforcers responsible for the incidents.”
About Jatiya Party chairman HM Ershad’s comment that now a suffocating environment is prevailing in the country as there is no scope to wage protests, Ripon said the Prime Minister should take the matter into account since Ershad is her special envoy.
“We’ve long been saying that no one, even the children in mother’s womb, is safe in the country. A disgusting situation has been persisting in the country, if any one raises voice he or she is being made disappeared while law enforcers firing targeted shots if any one tries to resister protest. The misrule of this regime has outshined that of autocratic ruler Ershad.” – Staff Reporter


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