'Law ministry can do nothing with Jamaat ban,' matter with SC

‘Law ministry can do nothing with Jamaat ban,’ matter with SC


Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anisul Huq on Monday told Parliament that his ministry has nothing do with the case for banning Jamaat as the matter is now pending with the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court.
Replying to a question from Tarikat Federation chairman Syed Nazibul Bashar Maizvandary MP, the minister suggested him to move the Appellate Division for the quick hearing in the case filed by Tarikat Federation.In August 2013, the High Court upon a writ petition scrapped Jamaat’s registration with the Election Commission (EC) disqualifying it from contesting future polls.
Tariqat Federation secretary general Rezaul Haque Chandpuri and 24 others filed the writ petition on January 25, 2009 seeking that Jamaat be disqualified as a political party because its charter, which acknowledges the absolute power of Allah, violates the constitution. – UNB


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