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Leg injury during shooting could not distract Noor


Noor is one of the busiest TV actors of our time. Several of his drama serials are now being aired on private channels. Greenwatch Dhaka recently talked to the actor on life in front of the camera:
What was the turning point in your career?
Noor: First the film “Chorabali” and second the TVC for RFL Chair and Grameen phone.Most memorable moment on the sets?
Noor: Once I went off to Coxbazar where the director asked me to run on the beach for a scene. While shooting the scene, I had a leg injury from a broken glass bottle, and it took me 12 days to recover. However, I continued shooting.
There is often much free time during shoots. Do you enjoy this time?
Noor: Frankly, I don’t allow myself to get distracted during shooting. I’m busy with the script and acting.
Local dialects are now commonly used in many TV plays; does this present a challenge?
Noor: Not always; for example, I’m completely at home doing roles from Old Dhaka as I grew up there. I have many fond memories of the old town.
How packed is your TV schedule?
Noor: Six of my plays are now being aired on different TV channels. Every character is distinct from the other, so you can guess (smiles).
Who is your favourite writer?
Noor: Humayun Ahmed. His writing style has a special appeal and call to me.


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