Legal notice seeks cancellation of common khutba

Legal notice seeks cancellation of common khutba


A legal notice has been served on the government to cancel the khutba (sermons) for Jum’a prayers fixed by the Islamic Foundation for all mosques across the country.Supreme Court lawyer SM Julfiker Ali Junu sent the legal notice to the religious affairs secretary and the chairman of Islamic Foundation Board of Governors by post.

It was mentioned in the notice that fixing khutba is insulting for devout Muslims, imams and khatibs which also directly hurts the religious sentiments.The notice urged the government to allow the imams and khatibs to deliver khutba independently in the light of Quran and Hadith, threatening to take recourse to law if any initiative is not taken by seven days in this regard.Against the backdrop of recent militant attacks, Islamic Foundation urged all mosques throughout the country to follow the anti-militancy khutba formulated for Baitul Mukarram National Mosque during Juma prayers.


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