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Let there be no friendly fire


I do not have any intention of erupting into friendly fire, especially in a situation where not just the BNP but all Bangladeshis have become local political Rohingyas. I have always maintained that in the face of ongoing and all devouring fascism in the 21st century under which all opposition rights have been snatched away and all opposition leaders, from top to bottom, are each shouldering the burden of dozens of lawsuits and constantly running away for their life every day and are living a jail and remand and exile life, the BNP cannot be expected to do more than what it is doing.One half of the nation is all tigers and foxes and leopards and lions on land and sharks and crocodiles and alligators in water, all in their wild freedoms and well protected from all sides, for whom the other half is all sheep and deer and chicken and fishes, at the cruel “mercy” of the other side–omnivorous n carnivorous.
How timid or courageous we all are living abroad can be determined when we all walk in the same shoes in the same place. Why should there be despotism? Putting aside the issue of the change of one or two faces in the leadership of the BNP, I cannot switch from the BNP to the AL to transform my timidity into temerity and courage.
Why should only the BNP die for others if they accept the way it is under the AL? Let the political situation in Bangladesh evolve without any blood and violence but with all freedom and fairness, regardless of how long it takes. In the meantime, let me reiterate and reaffirm my support for the BNP under Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman, despite its weaknesses in the AL-caused changed circumstances.
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Jalal Uddin Khan <jukhan@gmail.com>


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