Maizbhandar darbar celebrates Sufi saint's "urs"

Maizbhandar darbar celebrates Sufi saint’s “urs”


The Islamic spiritual abode of Maizbhandar Darbar here has celebrated the 79th annual “Urs” of great Sufi saint Syed Golamur Rahman Maizbhandari recalling his teachings in preaching the divine message of love and humanity.
“He (Golamur Rahman) taught us how to establish real peace through adherence to morality in personal and social life and developing the deep sense of love for mankind in one’s heart,” the incumbent Imam of the Darbar Syed Saifuddin Ahmed told a huge congregation at the Darbar at the outskirts of the port city.He added that Syed Golsamur Rahman, lovingly called as Baba Bhandari, also preached that “love for and allegiance to Allah and discipline” are the factors that could ensure peace and harmony in personal and social life.“The so-called defenders of Islam today have adopted the path of violence and hatred in the name of Islam, entirely defying the ideals of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the spiritual saints who subsequently carried the peace message of Islam across the globe,” he said.But, he said, Islam strongly disapproved religious extremism and “Islam cannot be spread using the force of weapons or physical might or through killing innocent people”.The “Urs”, which meant reunion with Allah to mark the demise of Islamic saints, drew tens of thousands of people from different parts of Bangladesh and joined overnight prayers, zikrs and milad mahfil.Baba Bhandari is regarded as the most prominent Muslim saints after founder of Maizbhandar order of Sufism Syed Ahmedullah while his grand successor Syed Mainuddin Ahmed gave the order a new shape.Syed Mashuk-e-Moinuddin, Syed Hasnain-e-Moinuddin, among others, joined the discussion as special speakers at the Urs, which was concluded with a special collective prayer seeking divine blessings for peace and harmony in the country and elsewhere.BSS,Chittagong


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